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Mobile Website Design for RV Parks

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Since 2006 we’ve been traveling the country with a 25 foot Airstream. The Airstream has been coast to coast several times over now, stopping in locations across the country. With all the recent innovations in mobile communications we’ve been able to work from the road in some of the most remote areas, and some densely populated ones as well.

While mobile technology has changed we’ve noticed that not every business has changed with it yet. Specifically, smaller RV Parks and Resorts haven’t caught up with the technology their client base is using while on the road. And to bottom line it, that’s hurting your business.


Standard websites don’t display well at all on today’s smart phones or tablets. Make it easier on your customers by mobilizing your site today!

What’s happened over the last two decades?

  • First you needed a website
  • Then you needed a search engine optimized website
  • Now you need a mobile device accessible website!

Traveling over the past year we’ve noticed some parks and resorts are mobile ready. We’ve also noticed that most aren’t. RV’ers today are traveling with mobile WiFi hotspots, Tablets, and Smart Phones. If your site isn’t readable on these devices chances are you’re going to get bypassed.

Fortunately, we can help with creating a mobile ready website for you. Additionally we can update your Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and we can polish the look of your online presence. With a decade of shooting for publications, commercial clients like AAA, and creating a host of images for advertising media, RLC Design is positioned to help small business owners update their web presence and the look of their online marketing material.

Need some proof? Take a look at the following websites. The first is the original website for La Mesa RV Park in Cortez Colorado

La Mesa RV Park Original Website

Now take a look at the final version we completed for them in November of 2013.

The new La Mesa RV Park website mobilized and updated

Be sure to check out the before and after on a smart phone too. You’ll notice some major differences. One being that you can read the new version on your phone easily, while the old version can’t dynamically update with your device size.

Now, go ahead and contact us today to talk about your business’ web and design needs today.


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