Wordpress and X Theme for beginners video training class

WordPress and X Theme Online Video Training For Beginners

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For several years we’ve been building websites with WordPress and X Theme for our clients.  The sites have ranged from incredibly stylish to plain but informative.  Every site build has been different based on our clients needs.  And we always focus a good deal of time on making sure our customers get found and actually attract visitors to their websites.

Often we’ve heard potential clients say that we’re too expensive for their small business.   And we understand that.  Every small business owner has different priorities, and sometimes our services don’t fit perfectly.  But we usually also hear that those potential customers wished they could afford us……

And now, those people interested in building an online presence have options from us as well.  RLC Design recently launched a new video training series about WordPress and X Theme.  We’re making the training video series that we provide to our clients available to the general public!

For a limited time to celebrate the launch of this 6.5 hour video training series we’re offering the class for $25.  That’s a $50 savings off of the list price of the course for visitors to this website.  Simply go to Udemy and sign up for WordPress and X Theme for beginners, and be sure to use the Coupon Code: RLCDESIGN_50OFF.

Wordpress and X Theme for beginners video training class

There’s a lot that goes into an effective website build for your business.  And beyond just talking about the nuts and bolts behind a website build with WordPress and X Theme, this class also talks about what it will take to get your website found by a larger audience.  So if you’re curious to know if you can do it yourself, or if you need to hire out to a professional online presence company like RLC Design, this course will help you better understand everything that needs to be done to get your website built.

And if you’re wondering, “How good is the instruction?”  Be sure to check out the reviews we’ve received on the class so far.  The most recent review from Brian sums it all up!

I have searched similar courses in YouTube in vain about X theme training and then I ran into this course. It walked me through all the important aspects of the theme. Layman to WordPress as I am, I am now well equipped to either re-design my own website myself, or tell my contracted web designer how it should be done. I am particularly pleased at the instructor adding a section about the features of latest X theme version (which just came about weeks ago). X Theme has undergone facelift so much so that the menu is different and buttons are located elsewhere from previous versions. Without proper guidance, learners might have been put off going through with it. Well done, Richard.


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