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Is your business website mobile friendly?

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If your business website isn’t mobile friendly you are missing out.  And you’re doing a dis-service to your potential customer base.  A website that is mobile friendly allows visitors who are on Smart Phones and Tablets to view your website in a readable manner.  A site that isn’t mobile friendly leaves your mobile guests with something unreadable and unusable!

Mobile friendly website design is a must

RLC Design keeps up with all of our client websites and how they’re doing.  We regularly check into our customers’ statistics and see if they’re growing their web presence.  We also check in from time to time to see who is visiting their websites, and what they’re visiting with.

Over the weekend I did a little investigation to see what people are using to browse our client websites.  And I made a discovery.  It has been said by many different online metric experts that more than half of all website searches are now conducted on mobile devices.  And they’re right, we’ve got proof with our own client base.  Take a look below at a few screen captures from Semrush, an online analytics company.  Our clients’ organic search results (organic means searches that aren’t paid for) demonstrate beyond any doubt that mobile friendly websites are a must.

Prescott Arizona Website Designer - Statistics

North-Aire Aviation’s website visitors are using mobile!

RV Park Website Design - Mobile Friendly

Queen Valley RV Resort

Mobile Friendly website design for RV Parks

Not mobile friendly, you can’t read it!

We have many more results to share, but I think you’re getting the picture.  North-Aire Aviation is a highly specialized business.  They train pilots.  And the people who are searching for flight schools, and searching for North-Aire are using mobile devices to conduct their searches.  Over 50% of the searches for North-Aire came from mobile devices.

Queen Valley RV Resort is a very different kind of business compared to North-Aire.  Even so, 54% of their search traffic is shown to be coming from mobile devices alone.

The bottom line is pretty straight forward.  Mobile friendly websites are a must today.  If half of the people searching for you are using mobile devices and you’re not mobile friendly?  Well, you’ve just alienated half the people who are trying to decide whether or not to do business with you!

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