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Our latest client – Mountain Spirit Gallery

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Our latest client is a business that is familiar to me.  Mountain Spirit Gallery, located on Prescott’s historic Whiskey Row, is a location I’ve visited over the years I lived in Prescott.  Ron Evans, owner and photographer, has been on Whiskey Row for 14 years now, displaying some amazing bronzes, paintings, and photography.  And now Ron has a really slick new gallery website to show off his artists’ work.

Weeks ago while chatting with Ron he asked about the web work we’ve been doing for other clients, and if we could help out with his website as well.  Gallery website development is within the scope of what we do, so we got to work on providing Mountain Spirit Gallery with a totally new look.

Mountain Spirit Gallery Website

The new clean look for Mountain Spirit Gallery’s website

Mountain Spirit Gallery’s previous website looked a little outdated to say the least.  As we dug into the project we found that the bulk of the artists listed on the old site were no longer showing at the gallery.  Ron had no way to really update the old site, and it showed.

Ron had a few favorite gallery websites, so we took a look and crafted a new design for his gallery website that fit with what he liked.  It took a few days to flush out the final design, and we can have it looking just like someone else’s site.  🙂  And we even came up with a new logo design for Mountain Spirit Gallery as well.

Giving Clients Control of their Gallery Website

One of the key things we do when building sites for new clients is to include them in the entire process.  We show them how their layouts work, teach them how to update their own pages, forms, posts, galleries, and anything else we add into the site.  And when we’re finished with a project we provide them with a DVD full of tutorials on managing their own sites.

Our average clients can log into their website management platform after we’re completed all on their own.  They can see their daily traffic, weekly, monthly, or even yearly.  And that’s a great feature because it demonstrates how their customers are finding them.  And that means our clients can actually address their own SEO as they see what works and what doesn’t.

It’s a very empowering process.

Now you might be wondering, doesn’t this impact our return client business?  No, not at all.  In fact we have clients who contact us for additional work, even though they are managing their own website.  Maybe they need some new images for the site, and we can do that.  Or sometimes they want to add features that are beyond their abilities like custom scripts, point of sales development, or even database development.  That’s what we’re here for, the heavy lifting.

Stop on by Mountain Spirit Gallery’s new website and take a look.  And get in touch with Ron to ask him about his experience working with RLC Design.


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