Presentation Matters

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There are may quotes out there stating that “presentation is everything.”  We wouldn’t go that far here at RLC Design, but we do agree that presentation matters.  In addition to how you present yourself, your business, your work, the content also matters, and sometimes that gets lost.

Why Presentation Matters

Yesterday I received an update from Kickstarter on a new project that a friend of mine backed.  I receive Kickstarter updates because several months ago we tried our own Kickstarter project to create an RV’ers Guide to the National Monuments of the Southwest.  We poured a lot into both the presentation as well as the content, and in the end still failed to meet our goal on Kickstarter.

When I saw the new project come through my inbox I went and took a look.  Several people who are part of the new project are folks I know.  They used to run a restaurant together, and their project is pretty simple.  Creating a new and unique restaurant.

I know the chef personally, and I’ve photographed some of his work over the years.  So I was interested in seeing what they proposed.  Unfortunately when I started looking at the images presented my enthusiasm dwindled.


A photo I shot for the Chef in 2010


Yogurt Nuts and Blueberries

A photo from the Kickstarter Project

The photo from the Kickstarter project was a real let down for me. Knowing the chef, knowing the quality of his work, and knowing the types of presentations he would create at his old restaurant, the image really left me hard pressed to believe that he’s satisfied with the final photographic presentation of his work. The image on the left was shot of one of his deserts back in 2010 by RLC Design, and that is much closer to his standard presentation.  The photo on the right was not created by us, but is part of the Kickstarter presentation.

Given what the project is trying to achieve, the creation of a new restaurant, you might think that not only does the story of the creation of the new restaurant matter, but also the presentation of what you can expect coming from the restaurant would be important too.  Unfortunately, often times many people cut corners on their Internet presentations.

Let RLC Design Help With Your Presentation

Here at RLC Design we believe not only that presentation matters, but your message matters as well.  When we work with clients on a new website design for their small business we’re very interested in relaying your story in a simple manner.  We don’t need too many “gee whiz” features.  Instead, RLC Design understands that your clients or guests want to know more about your business, what you offer, and how to reach you simply.  And while we’re keeping all of that in mind, we also focus on creating a beautiful presentation that is pleasing to the eye as well.

Content matters!  Presentation matters!  And when it comes to creating a purposeful and usable website design, RLC Design can help you achieve all of your goals!

* Please note:  We’re not picking at this particular Kickstarter project.  Honestly I’d love to see this restaurant come to life, especially knowing several parties involved.  But I did want to demonstrate how important presentation is, and the project’s images don’t relay the talent and skill of those involved.


Another image shot by RLC Design for the chef in 2010


Another image from the Kickstarter project not shot by us.

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