RLC Design Offers Business Changing Website Design

Business changing website design

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Several days ago we posted a quick article about a recent online success story.  In short, we helped a local business dependent on tourist traffic come back from near online death.  Their previous site designers totally blew it on SEO, and my client’s site fell off of page 1 Google.  The previous designers created a business changing website design…..just the wrong kind!  They effectively torpedoed the business website…..  Painful!

RLC Design Offers Business Changing Website Design

If the internet feels like a vast desert when it comes to your business website, get in touch!

Fortunately RLC Design was able to help.  Working through January we re-created a simpler presence for Arizona Hot Air Balloons, we recovered some of their original content from years ago (before the bad designers) and recovered many of their articles that helped drive customers to their website, and more importantly to their business.  And we provided the owners with training on how to take control of their site and make it truly theirs.  In short, what we did for them was develop a totally business changing website design.  And the results?

Well, yesterday the owner of Arizona Hot Air Balloons got in touch on this website and posted a comment.  Rather than just putting a link to the comment, I’ve copied what he said and I’m including it here.

I am choked up as I write this Rich. We took a chance with you and it payed off. I know that your expertise is second to none. If a ever changing demographics that moves daily, you put us in front with cutting edge protections and SEO. I mean what I say when I tell you that you are family. I have never met a more professional website design group as yourselves and we are so happy our lives crossed paths. You saved our struggling business that we blamed on the economy.

Understand with RLC Designs…..Price is only what you pay…… VALUE is what you get. Don’t step over a dime to pick a penny. I did open my P&L’s and he saw for himself the fruits of his labor. We have a very competitive industry in “discretionary” spending. As a business if you are below the 1st three search results, you are getting crumbs from the master table. I can’t wait until 6 months from now, I am confident with the tools Rich gave me and the beautiful website back bone, we will without a doubt dominate again. We already are seeing results from about 700.00 a month to 8,000.00 month in a few weeks of launch.

Thank you Rich. Your hands are truly blessed.

Let RLC Design help you change your business

We’re very proud of the work we do here at RLC Design.  Our clients are important to us.  And we continue ongoing relationships with all of them.  If you succeed, we succeed.  It’s that simple.  Contact us today to see if we’re the right fit for your business.

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