The value of one extra booking

RV Park Owners – The Value of One Extra Booking

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RLC Design knows RV Parks.  As full time RV’ers since 2006 we’ve spent a lot of time at parks across the country.  And we understand the value of one extra booking.  Sometimes I think we understand it better than park owners themselves!

In the case of many parks we work with the “tourist season” isn’t year round.  While parks in the southern reaches of the U.S. remain open year round, they all seem to have their “peak” season.  For RV Parks and Resorts in Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, the season starts somewhere in September through March or April.  “Snow birds” visit for the winter months in order to escape the harsh northern winters.  On average, these parks make their living in roughly a six month period.

The value of one extra booking

Many parks and resorts are extremely busy during snow bird season.  They have their regular guests return each year.  Many of these parks develop a strong sense of community.  And being close to full or full, they don’t think to much about the future.  Customer outreach takes a back seat.  They’re doing well, and they often don’t give thought to the one or two empty spaces during their busy season.  And that’s a mistake!

If you have
site open on average
days of your peak season
At an average of
per night
You're losing out on
of revenue!

It adds up pretty quickly.  So while your park might be doing well, and your regulars are coming back year after year, vacant sites mean you’re leaving money on the table.  Your goal should be pretty clear.  You need 100% occupancy during your prime season, as every dollar counts.

RLC Design helps to fill your RV Park

The projects we undertake with our RV Park & Resort clients are very specific.  We help you reach out to your current client base, and more importantly your future client base.  Depending on word of mouth referrals and returning guests year after year can only work so long.  The RV Travel marketplace is changing.  And you need to plan for the future today.

If you’re interested in filling your RV Park during your peak season every year get in touch with RLC Design today!  We’re the partners you’ve been looking for to help you get found and keep your parks full!


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