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Online Sales Success In Two Weeks Time?

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There are no fast turn arounds on the Internet.  Gaining a following, reaching a new customer base…..these things take time……Instant online sales success isn’t something I believe in.

Well, that is until yesterday.

An online sales success story

Weeks ago I wrote about a potential client that contacted RLC Design.  The story was titled SEO failure could lead to business failure.  Over the course of my conversation with the potential customer I looked into their website, and to what had happened to it.  Several years ago a “fly by night” web developer worked with this guy’s website, and they made an incredibly pretty presentation.  Unfortunately that’s all they did.  They stripped away the original content, and put the website into a bad place.  Search traffic dropped off, bookings dropped off, it was a total tragedy.

Create your online sales success story today!After several conversations and discovery meetings with John we decided to help him out with his web situation.  RLC Design did a new install for his website, created the framework for our client to work in, and rebuilt all of the initial pages that used to draw customers in to  The rest would be up to the client.  We provided him training on site usage, information on building his SEO, and a great starting point.

The previous designer also deleted John’s original successful website.  Fortunately we were able to find the original content at a website called the Way Back Machine.  The content worked once, and it could work again!

The site was relaunched on January 30th.  And here I am on February 11th talking about the success.  What happened?  And how did it happen?

Online sales success you can’t miss

Yesterday I sat down with Johnny, the owner of Arizona Hot Air Balloons.  We had one more review session to discuss where he wants to get to.  And while we were talking his phone kept ringing.  I hate it when phones go off during meetings.  But in this case I was okay with it.

Johnny was taking reservations from customers who wanted to take balloon rides.  As a matter of fact, since relaunch (2 weeks), Johny has been taking a lot of reservations over the phone and online.  In a few weeks time he went from no contacts online or over the phone to several thousand dollars in bookings.  And we’re just at the beginning.  He’s still working on new blog posts, adding pages and content, and dreaming up new offerings for his hot air balloon clients.

Before leaving my meeting with Johnny his wife said the following to me.

When John said he was going to talk to another web developer I cringed.  The last one charged too much, and the website stopped getting us customers.  I thought you’d be the same.  But instead?  The phones have been ringing every day, and the e-mails are coming in.  Thank you.

Create your own online sales success story

RLC Design is focused on our clients’ needs.  We really mean that.  When we’re done we want our clients to know what they’ve gotten.  In the case of it’s incredibly clear that bringing back the old content (searchable information), and mobilizing the site have quickly generated results.  We’re proud of that.  And we’re proud of every one of the sites we’ve worked with!

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