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While RLC Design focuses on the travel industry, we’re not just limited to that.  Frankly, we’re partial to the travel industry because we enjoying traveling and seeing the country with an RV in tow.  But we’re also always happy to help other clients outside of the travel industry.

Several months ago while talking with a good friend, our mutual friend Bret Blevins came up in conversation.  For those of you who have never looking in a DC or Marvel comic book you might not know the name.  And for those of you who have looked at one (or more), you know who Bret is.

Bret is a very well known comic book artist, story board artist, and fine art painter.  The guy is pretty prolific to say the least.  And after going through his original pages for Batman, X-Men, Thor, The Dark Crystal, and oh so many more I can tell you, EPIC work!

Incredibly enough though, Bret has had no website for quite a long time.  And that’s how the conversation got started with our mutual friend.  Personally I thought it was a total shame there wasn’t anything out there representing his works, and more importantly, Bret himself.  So we had a talk…..

And we’re now in the process of designing the first of 3 sites for Bret’s work.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 10.32.17 AM

Temporary only

Today’s site is a temporary place holder for Bret as he gets ready to go to a comic convention.  We’ll be revising almost everything we’re doing now in a few months.  See, Bret is looking to divide his work up between the comics, the fine art, the life drawing, the oil paintings, etc.  With so much work over the course of his life it’s not surprising that he wants unique sites for each of the genres.

In the near future we’ll be creating 3 custom templates for the work.  I’m most excited about the comic stuff of course, and we’re cooking up some really great ideas for the site layout.  It’s going to be fun.

As we continue the evolution of Bret Blevins’ sites I’ll be sure to post updates here.

So yeah, we do more than travel sites to be sure!  Interesting clients are always welcome!


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