Park Manager Lite 1.0 Is Now Available

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camping_trailerWe’re happy to announce that Park Manager Lite is now available for RV Parks across the country.  While there are many RV Park management solutions out there, this stand alone database application is designed for smaller RV parks that don’t feel they need a full Point of Sale system currently.

Traveling the country from 2006 – 2013 we’ve learned a lot about smaller RV Parks across the U.S.  Many parks still only accept cash or checks and opt out of using credit & debit cards.  Those same parks often manage their reservations on paper as well.  Park Manager Lite is designed for these smaller parks.

Key Features Include:

  • The ability to find open sites based on RV size, arrival and departure dates, power requirements, and more.
  • A guest management system that allows you to pull up previous clients in mere seconds.
  • Search open nights on a guest’s favorite site.
  • Search for all current reservations for a day, week, month, or even a year.
  • Determine your site occupancy by the day, week, month, or even over multiple years.
  • Add new sites to the system if your park expands.
  • Stop wasting your guest’s time on the phone trying to figure out what sites are available 6 months from now.  Park Manger Lite will tell you in an instant.

Technology is racing ahead.  The RV’ers pulling into your park are using smart phones, tablets, and even laptops.  Shouldn’t your park management system be as up to date as your guest’s technology?

Contact us today to discuss your requirements.  Park Manager Lite can be customized to your park quickly and cost effectively.  Even better, if you’re looking to mobilize your web presence Park Manager Lite can be added as part of a bundled offer from RLC Design.

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