Point of Rocks RV Park Video Tour

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One of our favorite stops in Arizona, Point of Rocks RV Park.  The scenery, the outdoor activities, the sunsets, all enough to make you want to stay longer!

If you enjoy this video visit, you should absolutely stop by in person sometime and spend a few days.  Be sure to bring your bikes, hiking boots, boats, and pillows (you’ll need to rest at the end of the day).


Watson Lake, a few minutes walk from Point of Rocks

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  1. Hi Rich and Jodi (Jodi how are you liking them Chuck Taylors?)

    This is a great video ad for Point of Rocks. We are viewing it for the first time after meeting you at Point of Rocks. Very good sales job on the place, helpful info.

    Your video stream makes Point of Rocks much more appealing than the others ads we viewed prior to making our reservations with them.

    Now if something can be done about the working electricity.

    Thank you for your advice and tips for our Air Stream. We are looking in to getting a surge protector now. Even though our problem there was lack of grounding at the electric box.

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