Half of all adult Americans have a smart phone – Can they view your website?

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Let’s just talk numbers quickly, shall we?  The numbers are coming from the Pew Internet Mobile Study in case you’re wondering.

  • Nearly 200 million American adults have a cell phone.
  • Roughly 100 million of those phones are actually smartphones.
  • 34% of the smartphone users browse the web almost exclusively with their smartphone.
Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 7.53.36 AM

Click to view larger. This is a screenshot of one park website that is unreadable on a 13 inch laptop. Tablets and phones just shrink it more.

There are more numbers of course, but I think these numbers are enough to get a very simple point across.  The smartphone and tablet user numbers in North America are staggering.  Technology has moved quickly, and our population is moving right along with it.

Now I have a very simple question for RV Park Owners out there……

Can these smartphones display your website well?

The answer for most is no.  Actually, more than 80% of the websites we’ve been looking at lately display poorly on my computer.  Moving on to my Tablet and IPhone to check is always painful.

The RV crowd isn’t your average American either.  These folks are mobile, and look for ways to stay connected while mobile.  The bottom line is simple…… probably more than half of the folks in your park have some type of portable connected computing device.

So, as a park owner, are you really marketing to your evolving client base?  If you have a smartphone handy, check your website with it and then answer the question.

RLC Design Services is ready to help you improve your guests’ experience today.  Contact us so we can start reaching your target market.

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