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Here at RLC Design Services we enjoy working with all types of clients.  But RV Parks are one of our favorite business types to work with.  Why you ask?  Because the RLC Design team happens to be full time Airstreamers.  That’s why we focus often on telling people about our RV Park Website Design services.

Traveling in an Airstream since 2006, we know what RV’ers are looking for when they search the web trying to find the next stop on their trip.  Easy to read websites that work on mobile devices are part of what we specialize in.  And also, sites that get us right to the most important information about your park.  Where is it, what are your rates, and how can I make a reservation now?  It’s a very simple formula, but often RV Park Websites fail pretty miserably on answering those few questions.

Parks are being found on the Internet

I know that many parks are part of one club or another.  And we’re aware of the cost to be featured in printed publications.  But what we also know is there are many services online now that help guests find your park.  These websites and apps are driving business to your park, don’t fool yourself into thinking they’re not.  And if your website is out of date, missing information, or completely inaccurate you might actually be turning customers away!  Don’t believe that people are finding parks on the net?  From one of our clients we have the following…..

  • One year ago we worked with a particular park.  In that time we’ve seen some interesting numbers from their website.
  • The park is searched for 10 times a day on average through search engines.
  • RV Park Reviews dot Com has sent over 1000 potential guests to their website.
  • The clubs the park is signed up with have sent fewer than 50 views to the website over the net.


In the end, search engines and RVParkReviews.com have sent the lion’s share of internet traffic to the park’s website.  And the organizations that charge a few thousand a year to list with them have sent very little web traffic.  So maybe folks are using the guide books.  Then again, maybe they’re not.  The park owner has tracked every guest over the course of the year.  And she actually records how RV’ers have found her.  Over 90% of guests tell her, “Your website.”  Given the fact that her park has remained full since the Spring, and has to regularly turn away guests because they’re 100% full, I’d say her web presence is important to reaching new customers.

One of the questions RLC Design poses to you….  Do you want to fill your park?  We might be able to help you in that effort!


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