RV Park Websites, why update them? Well, here’s the pitch

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The right image can make your park a destination…..In this case, appealing to the leaf peepers in New England.

Most parks today have some form of web presence.  Many of the websites though are pretty poor quality, dated, and they don’t help potential guests make the final decision to book.  On top of that, given the shift in mobile computing toward Tablets and SmartPhones, many of the sites are not setup to work well on those devices.

So, what’s our proposal?

Dear [Name of RV Park Owner]:

How much business are you missing out on because your web presence does not currently cater to today’s “mobile technology” market?  RV Travelers are using technology more than ever.  If your website isn’t ready for Smart Phones and Tablets, or if you’re relying on printed advertising you are losing money.  What if you could redirect a portion of your existing advertising expenses into making your park accessible to today’s tech savvy RV travelers?

As a full time RV’er since 2006 I understand the modern RV’ers mobile technology needs.  And RLC Design services would like to help you bring your web presence to today’s mobile device users.

We’ll be in your area insert dates here, and would love to discuss what we could do for you to increase your reach to RV’ers using today’s technology, and to discuss how we can help you increase your yearly occupancy rates.

I look forward to discussing your needs in the near future.

Pretty simple, pretty straightforward.  Our goal is to increase occupancy at every one of our client sites.

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