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January of 2015 we did a total overhaul on Point of Rocks RV Campground in Prescott Arizona.  Their old website wasn’t cutting it, was not mobile friendly, and did not relay what the park is today.  It barely showed the beauty of the area, and didn’t cover all of the activities that RV’ers would be interested in when visiting.

The work we did on their site was pretty straightforward.  Simple navigation, easy to use for visitors to their site, and optimized to drive guests where they need to be.  In addition we created training videos for the staff so they could update the site on their own.  Finally, given the fact that we’ve been doing professional photography for years, we updated the images to really relay the amazing location that Point of Rocks is in.

And with all of that….what’s happened in the last few months?  We’ll take you through exactly what’s going on with this client site.

Visitor Growth

As we move into the high season in Prescott, Point of Rocks should be booking more customers.  And they are.  According to the park management they’ve gotten busier every day, and they are attributing it in part to the re-designed website.  The site was rebuilt the first week of January and that’s when we started watching their statistics.

Visitor Growth

As you can see, last week they had 842 visitors pop through their website, and 3,570 pages were viewed.  That’s an average of 4 pages viewed per visitor.  Now lets see, what should an RV Park’s website be doing?  It should tell potential guests about the park, about their rates, how to make a reservation, and a little more about the area.  Over the course of only a few months, what are the most popular pages on the site?

Driving Traffic where you want it

Driving Traffic where you want it

The traffic coming to the site is pretty telling.  The site we designed is doing exactly what we intended it to do.  The homepage gets the most traffic of course, it’s the entry point for every visitor.  But look what happens next.  The rates page has the next highest viewer count.  People come to the site, like the look of the park, and then want to find out what the rates are as they are interested in staying at Point of Rocks.  Right behind that, they want to know about the amenities.

The website layout and navigation is directing viewers to exactly what they need to know!

Engaging the visitor

Not only is there a lot of traffic to Point of Rocks, but the visitors that are coming to the site are staying and reading the site.  They say you only have 15 seconds to engage a potential customer with your front page.  And if the site isn’t interesting or informative you lose that visitor.  Point of Rocks is keeping them, and getting more than 15 seconds.

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 9.44.29 AMCurrently the Bounce Rate is at 11.6 percent.  That’s amazing.  Bounce Rate tells you how many website visitors look at only one page and then leave.  So 11% of people coming to the website leave after seeing only 1 page.  That means that 88% of the people coming to the website actually stick around and read more.  The site has engaged them well, and keeps them around.

The other 2 numbers are pretty straightforward.  What caught my attention was the amount of time visitors stick around.  Over 10 minutes!  That gives them time to look at the rates page, the amenities, and things to do around the Prescott area.  People staying on the site that long are most likely people that will be booking with the campground.

We know travel websites

RLC Design really does understand the travel market, and especially the RV travel market.  We’re full time RV’ers who have visited countless parks across the country since 2006.  We’re very aware of what RV travelers want in a park they visit, and what they want to see when looking up parks on the Internet.  We also use mobile devices every day to conduct our searches as we travel.  Put that all together and what do you have?  A formula for getting more customers to your park!

Contact us today to talk about creating a modern and engaging website for your potential guests.  We can help drive your business through the work we do!

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