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“Hang you or hug you…” Mobile Friendly Works

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Mobile Friendly Website Design

Is your website stuck in the last century?

Today I stopped into the office of Point of Rocks Campground in Prescott, Arizona.  We’ve been staying here a few months as we work with clients in the Prescott area.  As people are becoming aware of the new mobile friendly requirement from Google, we’re getting a few more calls!

Interestingly enough, we’re not the only ones getting calls.  The staff at Point of Rocks is deciding whether to hang me or hug me.  While it’s early into the busy season here, the phones are ringing off the hook.  One of the office managers stated that they’re getting calls every 5 minutes for future reservations.  Another mentioned the fact that they’re having to turn people away already as they are getting that busy.  And the park owner mentioned a noticeable change in revenue.

Now we’re having some great weather here in Arizona!  And Prescott is seeing blue skies, and perfect camping weather.  So that definitely contributes to the activity at Point of Rocks.  But I’m going to go ahead and say that RLC Design’s website update has added something as well.  Just watching their web stats grow over the past 2 months has been amazing.  And I know the site that we designed for them is effective.  How do I know?

Campers are telling me so.

We’ve met many folks visiting Point of Rocks for the first time.  And when we tell them that we recently redesigned the website here we’ve been getting some great compliments.  And beyond the first hand accounts?  The stats are showing it too.

Currently the website is running a 12.5% Bounce Rate.  That means of all the people who visit the site, 12.5% leave after viewing 1 page.  That is an amazing bounce rate.  Additionally, the average page views per visitor is 9.  That means people are engaged by the site, and reading many of the pages.  Finally, the average time on site is over 10 minutes.  Visitors are looking at the main page, the rates page, amenities, things to do.  They’re cruising the whole site!

So, if you want to become so busy that you don’t know if you should hug me or hang me, why don’t you get in touch.  Our team at RLC Design understands how to make simple, user friendly, mobile friendly, and engaging websites.  And if you’re saying to yourself, “I’ve got a website and it didn’t do anything for me….”  There’s a reason it’s not performing.  We’ll build you a site that will actually grow your business, reach new clients, and meets today’s requirements.  We can help you do all of that!

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