The Allstays App – Getting parks a new client base

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Many months ago as I discussed my idea of renovating RV Park websites with an old friend they’d suggested I check out the AllStays app for my IPhone and IPad.  It’s a fantastic little app that is only $10, and you can use it to find campgrounds anywhere across the U.S.

Experimenting with it I’ve found the information to be very up to date, and pretty darned accurate.  Sure now and again I’ve run across a park in Allstays that has a website but none listed on the app, but that’s to be expected.  Plus park owners are free to contact them to request updates to their information.

Bottom line?  If you’re traveling a lot with an Android or IOS device and you don’t have the app with you…..well, that’s just odd behavior.  Allstays is a great way to find your next stop.

Of course, they can only do so much.  As I’ve hunted around the Southwest with Allstays I keep clicking on web links that lead to terrible websites.  Not readable on Tablets or Smart Phones.  And I have a feeling park owners don’t even realize what their web presence looks like on mobile devices.  So, Allstays is delivering potential customers to your doorstep, only for you to turn them away……

Included here is a quick video showing how Allstays works on both an IPad and IPhone.

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