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Travel Season Is Here – Is Your Website Ready

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Last week we noted the big changes that Google will be introducing.  Mobile friendly sites will be getting some love, and sites that aren’t mobile ready are going to take a hit in the rankings  It’s reasonable given how many searches are now performed from mobile devices.  And if you’re a travel destination, your website should be mobile for clients coming to visit your area.

How do we know RV Travel Season is here?

Very simply.  Just look at the numbers:

One of our newest client's visit numbers since we rebuilt their site in January.  See a trend?

One of our newest client’s visit numbers since we rebuilt their site in January. See a trend?

We check into each client’s site from time to time to make sure updates are getting done, that they’re blogging, and that their site is still performing well.  We also keep tabs on how their web traffic is doing, and if they are being search for.  In the case of every one, they’re doing well.  But I really enjoy looking at the RV parks.  You can see the patterns throughout the year, and the one above is about as pronounced as it can be.  Spring is here, and people want to get out with their RVs!

So, here’s the big question for RV Parks…… do you know what your website is producing in leads for you?  Do you know how people are searching for you?  And do you know what websites are feeding your traffic?

Daily Data

A snapshot of today’s traffic so far at Point of Rocks

How about knowing what the people stopping into your website are reading?

Pages Posts

What pages are your most popular?

The pattern for RV Parks always seems to be the same.  The home page is hit first, folks look around, and some leave the site.  Those interested in staying always go to the rates page next to find out what it’s going to cost.  From there, users trickle throughout the site, especially those planning on staying.  The numbers above are from this morning at 8:00 a.m. PST.  The day has barely begun, but folks are checking out the park!

When we setup a new website for our clients, we make sure that they can manage their own site for simple things on their own.  And we teach them about watching their statistics, refers, and search terms.  It helps them to see what’s working and what isn’t.  And during the busy season, it’s interesting to see the patterns in the stats.

In the case of Point of Rocks Campground, looks like travel season is ramping up!

Is your website directing customers to your door?  Is it mobile friendly, or does it display poorly on mobile devices?  Isn’t it time you got your website up to modern standards?  Contact us today!

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