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The Mobile-Friendly Buzz Word

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We just updated Point of Rocks in Prescott, and they’re mobile friendly. Their web traffic has also more than doubled.

Since it’s hit the news that Google is planning on giving priority to mobile-friendly websites on mobile searches, you can imagine the buzz on all of the social media sites.  Everyone is trying to get in on updating legacy websites, and getting them mobile.

The claims are amazing.  We’ve been seeing web companies who will mobilize your website for only $150.00.  And you know what I found when I followed their link?  A website that was compromised and hacked displaying Viagra ads (yup, they’re still around).  Cool, they can make my site mobile-friendly and while they’re at it, wrangle me some Viagra.  Indeed, that’s a group I would not want to do business with.

Mobile-Friendly Blitz

In addition to the non-stop threads on Twitter, we’re seeing design companies reaching out blindly to anyone with a website.  Recently I received an e-mail for one of my sites that is mobile-friendly, but I got an e-mail all the same:

“I know you’re busy, but if you haven’t heard, I thought you’d be interested to know that Google recently announced a transformational shift that may affect your business. In summary, if your website is not mobile responsive by April 21st, your page ranking will be directly affected.

Bottom line? To remain SEO-competitive, you’re going to need a mobile-responsive website if you want to remain SEO-competitive in 2015. Any website that isn’t mobile-responsive by the deadline will see a steep drop in its search rankings, keyword optimized or not.

Now that I have your attention, when works to speak? I’d like to further discuss your business’s SEO and mobile strategy and explain how we can rapidly deliver a cost-effective Responsive Conversion to your website.

Now is the time to take action on an SEO and mobile strategy. For a minimum cost, we:

• Deliver a rapid mobile conversion of your website
• Improve search engine rankings
• Avoid penalties to your current SEO results
• Take advantage of over 55% of those accessing the internet from mobile and tablet devices

If efforts to market your company haven’t delivered the results you desire, we can help. As time is clearly of the essence, please indicate a time that works for us to speak today, or another day this week. I am eager to show you what we do, how we do it and what we guarantee. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to speaking with you soon!”

Now I don’t mind getting these e-mails, as they give me insights into other web design groups out there, and what they’re doing to market themselves.  Unfortunately, they didn’t research prior to getting in touch, if they had they would know I’m already mobile.  The best part?  Another one of my clients who has a mobile site got the same e-mail.  They’re just randomly hammering anyone with a site.  Does that sound like a company that gets to know their clients and their needs?  Not to me.

We build Mobile-Friendly, and we’re friendly to boot!

mobile-friendly website design

We’ll work from any location with our clients. Our studio comes with us

RLC Design doesn’t spam thousands of websites looking for our next clients.  We do send out e-mail inquiries to businesses we’ve found that could use our services.  There’s no generic form letter, and there’s no generic solution.  Our mobile studio (a 25 ft Airstream) comes to your location, and we work directly with you on designing a web presence that will wow your customers.  We build custom SEO ready, mobile-friendly, and user friendly websites.  We do this because when we’re done we want you to be part of our happy client base.  Just ask any of our clients, and they’ll tell you the sameSeriously, any of our clients would be happy to talk to you about working with us.


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