Can you really work from the road?

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_MG_1778_79_80There’s a growing community of RV’ers who now work from the road.  RLC Design Services is actually run from a 2004 Airstream.  So yes, it’s possible to effectively work at different locations and virtually.

The fact that this is still a question on many RV’ers minds is something of a surprise to me.  See, I’ve been doing remote work since my first job in switch engineering in 1996.  After hours I would often get calls from switch technicians or Network Operations Center personnel asking for assistance with a problem on our Lucent Switches.  I would simply connect up using my high speed broadband and access the telecom switch in question, get my work done, and head off to bed.

That was 1996.  By 2000 in my role as a Director of Network Operations I could access multiple switches nationally to see how they were doing.  And I could do it from my downstairs living room in front of my Vermont Castings Wood stove in my boxers.

What kind of work can you do from the road?

If it’s IT work, most any kind.  We’ve seen lists from other full time RV’ers suggesting work options, and they’re usually the same small handful of jobs.  Writer, photographer, graphic designer, tech writer…..  But with today’s tech you can do so much more.  As I said above, I could work on a National Switching network from my home.  And I could do it from my RV as well.

Currently each client we have is watched closely every week.  We make sure their servers are up, we check out their analytics to see what keywords are bringing customers in, occasionally we help update blog posts, etc.  And all of this work for our clients is performed remote.

So, for potential clients, we’ve still go all of our bases covered.  When it’s time to upgrade your web presence we’ll come to you, setup your new site, train you to update it, and leave you with your own video tutorial for reference.  But we’ll still be watching your website from wherever our Airstream lands next.  If we could run a multi-billion dollar network from home, we can most certainly make sure your tech investment is paying off for you as well!

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