RLC Design Offers Business Changing Website Design

Business changing website design

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Several days ago we posted a quick article about a recent online success story.  In short, we helped a local business dependent on tourist traffic come back from near online death.  Their previous site designers totally blew it on SEO, and my client’s site fell off of page 1 Google.  The previous designers created a business changing website design…..just the …

SEO Failure

SEO failure could lead to business failure

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Right before Christmas I received a very interesting call.  At first the call made me uncomfortable, but as the conversation progressed it made me hopeful that I had found my next client, and that they really needed RLC Design.  The business owner has learned in no uncertain terms why SEO failure can lead to business failure.  They’ve experienced it first …

B&B Web Design

B&B Website Client Success – Hiker Hostel

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In August of 2014 the RLC Design Mobile Studio could be found in the Dahlonega Georgia area.  Hot and humid, plenty of rain, giant bees, and kudzu draping the steep mountain slopes.  Why were we in the area? Hikerhostel.com Hiker Hostel is a very unique B&B / Hostel located outside Dahlonega.  They’ve been operating for over a decade now, helping …

RV Park Website Design

A Snail Mail Marketing Campaign?

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RLC Design Services is a cutting edge, network savvy, SEO specialized, website design company.  So why on earth would we be doing a snail mail marketing campaign?  Well, think of it as a last ditch effort. One of our favorite industries to work with has to be RV Parks.  While they’re a favorite, they’re also extremely difficult to reach.  Why?  …

SEO Matters a lot

SEO Matters! They’re not searching for your name

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Fun fact.  If someone is searching for your business, they’re probably not searching for your name.  Getting on Google Page 1 for the name of your business isn’t some kind of SEO win.  If you don’t come up on Page 1 for your name, you’re website is desperately in need of help! Simply put, when a potential customer is searching …

Artist website design, created by RLC Design Website Design Services

Effective Websites, Global Reach

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The Internet offers something to small businesses that no other medium can offer for a reasonable price.  Global Reach.  There are no limits on who can potentially view your business website online.  While you may be a small mom & pop shop in Boseman Montana, someone sitting in Paris France could be looking at your site. Local reach still costs …

RLC Design Services knows SEO

Does SEO Work?

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SEO, or search engine optimization, can help you get in front of more Internet viewers….but it takes a little work.  Part of the work we do at RLC Design includes basic SEO, and training our clients on how to improve their SEO on their own. One of our clients recently teased me directly about my own personal website.  For years …