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The Internet is a big place.  There are millions of websites out there competing for the attention of readers and potential customers.  So, how do you get found out of all of those millions of websites?

Work with us.  We’ll help you get found.  It’s that simple.

Yesterday while traveling and working from the road I popped up a simple article over at my personal blog site about RV parks and their Wi-Fi.  I mentioned that we were currently in Ajo, AZ, and talked about RV Park Wi-Fi, and the state of it today.

This morning I decided to do a quick look online to see what RV Parks came up in the town of Ajo.  I did a simple search.  “Ajo RV Parks.”  Do you know what I found?

Page one of the Google search, after the business listings for the area were done, my article that was written less than 24 hours ago.  Here, take a look at the Google results for yourself.

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 12.21.18 PMScreen Shot 2014-12-18 at 12.21.31 PMSo, right below the Yellow Pages and official Google business listings you find my post in the number 2 slot.  A post that was not promoting Ajo RV Parks, but instead talking about parks in general and mentioning that our Airstream was currently in Ajo.  Talk about targeted website SEO.

RLC Design not only focuses on re-designing your website, we also focus on website SEO in a big way.  Businesses that work with us are taught how to make their website SEO really work for them, and we provide you the tools to continue getting found quickly for years to come.

Think of the Internet as a highway loaded with billboards.  If you’re trying to get found where do you want your billboard?  Right in the face of potential visitors.  What sense would it make to place a billboard well off the highway where nobody reads it.  Your number one task should be getting seen, and getting seen for the searches that are relevant to your business.

Think this one example is a fluke?  Think again.  Several weeks ago after doing a quick overhaul for The Frame and I, in Prescott, the owner called me to tell me about her recent post.  It was right before Thanksgiving, and the infamous “Black Friday.”  She wrote a quick blog post about Small Business Saturday in Prescott, and you know what happened?  Her post was #1 on Google the next day, above the local newspaper’s coverage of Small Business Saturday, and above all other businesses in town for that search.  And that happened in under 24 hours.

So, interested now?  Get in touch with us today and we can help your customers find you easier on the web!

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