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After interviewing many website development companies, I knew you were the right team for the job when we first talked.  Greg Reverdiau, President of North-Aire Aviation.

That’s what we like to hear about RLC Design Services.  And that’s how our website handoff meeting started with North-Aire the other morning.

When we wrap up on any website design project we always finish up with a site walk through meeting with our client.  There’s no, “Okay, we’re done, see ya!”  We always sit down with clients, walk through page by page, and make sure they’re not only comfortable with their website, but also we make sure they’re happy with the final product.  When we’re done we do the following:

  • Provide the client with a video tutorial of site management.
  • Walk through site management with the client.
  • Spend as much time as clients would like training staff members responsible for the site.
  • Talk about targeted SEO for the client’s site.
  • Keep ourselves available for up to 10 hours of phone support on site issues over the next year.

Over the course of the past year we’ve handed off plenty of websites to clients.  And we’ve stayed in touch, tracking their stats, making sure updates are done, and coaching them now and again on improving their sites.  It’s all part of what we do.

Happy Clients Are The Goal

In the end, we want every business we work with to enjoy the experience of working with us, and we want them to have a terrific web presence for their company.  And if you’re thinking about working with us, please feel free to check out our client sites page.  You can see their finished websites, and you can even contact them about their experience with RLC Design.

I have to say, North-Aire was a great experience.  And I’m glad to hear that we were exactly the right fit to help them increase their business!

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