SEO Destruction complete with zero keywords

Zero Keywords – SEO Destruction Complete

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Several weeks ago we posted an article here titled, “How to destroy your search engine rankings in a month.”  This article is a follow up on a former client’s slide into internet obscurity. Changing needs First off, you should know we worked with this client for years.  Last year the management of the company changed hands and the new leadership …

RV Park Road Sign More Valuable than a website?

A $10000 Road Sign or a $10000 Website?

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A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to work with another new RV Park in Northern Arizona.  The Springerville RV park has recently opened to the public, even though they’re still finishing the new park. Their road sign is up, so they’re official! With over 100 sites at the park, the owners have had a lot of work to …

RV Park Owners – A Quick Way To Improve Your Wi-FI

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December 17th of 2014 I wrote a quick article on my personal travel blog about an experience I had at an RV Park in Ajo Arizona, and using the word Netflix.  I’d like to share it with you here: The number one way to make a RV Park owner or Park Manager’s eyes bug out?  Say Netflix to them! Today …

Custom images are better than a stock image any day

Your image matters – Your online images matter too

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Recently we were contacted by a new small business who wanted to get the word out about their services.  A new massage therapy business in Prescott Arizona.  When I took the call I let out a mental sigh.  See, there are a lot of massage therapists in Prescott Arizona.  A LOT! Chatting with the new business owner I quickly found …

RV Park Website Design Prescott Arizona Designer

If you shopped for a car like you shop for a website

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Every week we talk to potential customers about their online presence.  Sometimes we contact the potential customers, and sometimes they get in touch with us.  Often there’s a very interesting pattern that shows up when folks contact us.  And it usually goes down the same path every time. With my most recent inquiry it struck me.  What if people shopped …

Website investment is required for online sales and reach

Website Investment – Online Presence Is An Investment

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Everybody has a website.  And there are so many businesses out there selling website space, website design, social media solutions, and more.  You can build a site for free with some services, or spend tens of thousands with others.  What’s the right way to go?  Well that depends on what you’re willing to sink in to your website investment. And …

What's the price of website success

What’s the price of a website?

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This is the question we get often over the phone and through our contact form.  Simple and to the point.  What’s the price of a website?  And our answer is pretty straightforward too. It depends. The question has always bothered me.  Websites aren’t a boxed commodity, although these days there’s a mentality that websites are in fact commodities.  They’re all …

Airstream at a New England RV Park with no Wi-Fi

Increase Your RV Park Revenues With Free Wi-Fi

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Every day RV Park owners across the country hear the same question when booking new guests.  “Do you have Wi-Fi in the park?”  And every day, parks across the nation say yes, but with some caveats. Often smaller parks deploy small Wi-Fi systems that don’t cover the entire park.  Or they deploy systems available at the office.  Whatever the case …

Tell us your online sales success story

Online Sales Success In Two Weeks Time?

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There are no fast turn arounds on the Internet.  Gaining a following, reaching a new customer base…..these things take time……Instant online sales success isn’t something I believe in. Well, that is until yesterday. An online sales success story Weeks ago I wrote about a potential client that contacted RLC Design.  The story was titled SEO failure could lead to business …