Precision RV – Our latest client site

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RLC Design has had a super busy Spring.  From hot air balloon tours to fine art equestrian photography, and finally RV Solar Installation.  We’ve covered a lot of ground.  The latest client, Precision RV, brought us back to our favorite industry to work with.  The RV Industry!  As full time RV’ers, we enjoy travel and helping businesses in the travel …

Airstream at a New England RV Park with no Wi-Fi

Increase Your RV Park Revenues With Free Wi-Fi

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Every day RV Park owners across the country hear the same question when booking new guests.  “Do you have Wi-Fi in the park?”  And every day, parks across the nation say yes, but with some caveats. Often smaller parks deploy small Wi-Fi systems that don’t cover the entire park.  Or they deploy systems available at the office.  Whatever the case …

RLC Design Offers Business Changing Website Design

Business changing website design

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Several days ago we posted a quick article about a recent online success story.  In short, we helped a local business dependent on tourist traffic come back from near online death.  Their previous site designers totally blew it on SEO, and my client’s site fell off of page 1 Google.  The previous designers created a business changing website design…..just the …

The value of one extra booking

RV Park Owners – The Value of One Extra Booking

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RLC Design knows RV Parks.  As full time RV’ers since 2006 we’ve spent a lot of time at parks across the country.  And we understand the value of one extra booking.  Sometimes I think we understand it better than park owners themselves! In the case of many parks we work with the “tourist season” isn’t year round.  While parks in …

Tell us your online sales success story

Online Sales Success In Two Weeks Time?

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There are no fast turn arounds on the Internet.  Gaining a following, reaching a new customer base…..these things take time……Instant online sales success isn’t something I believe in. Well, that is until yesterday. An online sales success story Weeks ago I wrote about a potential client that contacted RLC Design.  The story was titled SEO failure could lead to business …

Web Development Insights

Getting your name out there

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Getting your name out there is an important part of your business.  Setting up a shop or business and then failing to let anyone know you exist is a sure fire setup for business failure.  And today getting your name out there “Globally” is incredibly easy thanks to the Internet.  Unfortunately, if you do it wrong, your online presence will …

SEO Failure

SEO failure could lead to business failure

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Right before Christmas I received a very interesting call.  At first the call made me uncomfortable, but as the conversation progressed it made me hopeful that I had found my next client, and that they really needed RLC Design.  The business owner has learned in no uncertain terms why SEO failure can lead to business failure.  They’ve experienced it first …

B&B Web Design

B&B Website Client Success – Hiker Hostel

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In August of 2014 the RLC Design Mobile Studio could be found in the Dahlonega Georgia area.  Hot and humid, plenty of rain, giant bees, and kudzu draping the steep mountain slopes.  Why were we in the area? Hiker Hostel is a very unique B&B / Hostel located outside Dahlonega.  They’ve been operating for over a decade now, helping …

Prescott Website Design

RV Park Client Success – Point of Rocks

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January of 2015 I finally got to do what I’d been wanting to do for years.  RLC Design was asked to update the website for Point of Rocks RV Park in Prescott, Arizona.  Point of Rocks wasn’t just any old client…..  The park is a place I’ve spent many years at with my Airstream. In 2007 I actually stumbled across …

The M Resort for the Themeco Summit

Wrap up on the ThemeCo Summit

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After attending the Themeco Summit at the M Resort in Nevada I meant to post an update.  But the moment we returned to Prescott I found myself with a lot to do.  Finishing out a site for a client in Florida, reviewing a custom database build for a potential client, 2 different photo shoots…… You get the idea.  Hit the …